Matt Zeiner

Field Service Engineer

Digital Cinema Specialist

Senior Audio Consultant


After several years as an electronics repair technician serving the needs of audio enthusiasts, music production companies, and Studio engineers, Matt came to New England Theatre Service in 1997 with a strong background in component level electronics and audio technology. During his time at New England, Matt expanded his skill set to include all of the skills necessary to be a well-rounded cinema technician working in the 35mm realm. His understanding of electronics, optics, mechanics, electrical, acoustics, and automation, as well as top-notch troubleshooting methods have made him into one of the most sought after and respected technicians in the area.

Over the last 20 years, Matt has also worked in the recording industry as an engineer, producer, acoustics consultant, musician, and owner of the Monsterlab – a 5000 square foot state of the art recording studio in central Connecticut. Through these ventures, Matt has honed his audio skills and become a well-respected engineer and musician. He has worked with Dickey Betts, The Blues Brothers, Jazz is Dead, Melvin Sparks, and many, many others in several capacities ranging from audio engineer to touring musician. He has brought his extensive background in acoustics, hardware integration, and digital audio to bear on hundreds of Cinemas from Bermuda to Chicago to Northern Maine.

In light of the emerging digital cinema technologies, Matt has placed himself on the forefront of all developing technologies, and over the last 4 years has specified, installed and worked with every major brand of D-cinema equipment currently on the market. Coupled with his years of experience and hundreds of installs under his belt, Matt’s unique combination of skills and experience has allowed him to seamlessly coordinate digital retrofits in operating cinemas across the country for dozens of our customers with no downtime whatsoever.

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